for making sense of things
An ongoing exploration of the perennial question of how we make sense of our world and our lives. We often find ourselves utterly inundated with resources for well-being; we tend to become starving patrons at the self-help buffet, half-digested books, practices, teachings, discarded to make room for whatever is next. How do we cultivate a meta-awareness and meta-rationality towards one’s experiences? Bringing consciousness to the feedback loops of contexts and responses that make up our lives, we may begin to learn what uniquely works for us, and to have greater agency within our lives. The Insight Map is an ongoing collaboration between [Mikey Siegel]( and myself, emerging from a need to make sense of the myriad tools, techniques, approaches, and experiences that make up our lives and quest for well-being. This tool is intended as an aid in understanding associations between emotional, somatic, and mental experiences, actions, and contexts, by visualizing the relationships of vocal and written notes as a network topology. It is very much in its early stages of development. As of now, it requires self-hosting on a local machine. Eventually, I hope to extend this tool to support affective measures such as EEG and EDA, and expand the customization and note-taking capabilities of nodes and links within the map. _Stack used: React, D3.js._
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